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I believe there is an artist in every human being. I am here to stimulate that hidden talents/skills for you so that you and others can enjoy your piece of work. I am asking you to engage in this breathtaking subject, because it will be a life-long experience.

What students say about artist Chandana

What students says about artist Chandana

Chandana can bring out the unique style in all of us through our artwork. Priyanga, Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa

He taught me how art can be a whole new experience in my young life. Ushani - 2005

He showed us that there are many different ways to draw with confidence. He also showed us how to experience the pleasure of drawing with confidence. Nadeeka – 2006

Among many things he taught us, the most interesting one was that, art is not about passing exams but a "way of life". He also taught us without any reservations, unlike some other teachers we had met.

He is not only an artist but someone who is very knowledgeable about the subject. He is experimental in nature and has made us to read further on the subject. The guidance and his practical approach will always stay in our mind. Wijani, Prabha, Virangya, Poornima - Old Girls of Mahamaya Girls' College, Kandy.

Artist Chandana was our first Art Exhibition (sath sith sithuwam-2007) organizer & consultant. Pioneer Art Circle, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Pastel on paper by Wishmi UduwelaI have learnt a lot of lessons on paintings from my art teacher. He is very kind. He is improving my art skills step by step. I am now learning more about figure drawings, colour shadings and other drawing techniques.

Wishmi Uduwela
9 years old, Mahamaya Girls' College, Kandy.

Oil on Canvas - 12 x 18: Painting by Samadara Chandani Danthanarayana

Samadara Chandani DanthanarayanaI learnt to paint when I turned fifty. Chandana’s patience, guidance, knowledge and his encouragement helped me to become an ‘ambitious artist’ in my own space. An excellent teacher who has the skill to teach student of all ages.
Samadara Chandani Danthanarayana, Kandy.